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VIA Motors International, Inc. develops and markets extended-range electric (eREV) and all electric (EV) powertrain systems incorporating industry leading proprietary, VIA developed vehicle software and control systems technology, which provides clean energy solutions for nearly all vehicle classes from light duty through Class 8.




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Bob Purcell CEO

40 plus years automotive experience including 25 plus years in Hybrid and Electrical Drive Systems. GM and 3 start-ups. Led GM’s Advanced Technology Group for 10 years including GM’s EV-1, the world’s first modern electric car. Served on Board of Boston-Power as well as CEO/Chairman Protean Holdings. Served as Automotive Technology/Business Advisor to Berkshire Hathaway & Delphi Automotive.

Alan Perriton PRESIDENT

Founding member of VIA Motors. 34 year GM veteran with executive management assignments in U.S. and Asia. Responsible for North American car platform purchasing along with production control & logistics. Served as President of General Motors Korea and Executive-in-charge M&A activities in Asia Pacific.

Silver Edge Venture Fund LLC

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