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E-1 Synexis, LLC

Synexis is the first and only company to design microbial reduction technology that produces hydrogen peroxide in the same physical state as the oxygen and nitrogen in the air; this unique molecule is known as Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP). Using DHP, our patented microbial reduction technology allows for the natural and continuous reduction of microbial contamination in occupied spaces.

Synexis offers this well-established molecule through a new mechanism: A truly safe gas, known as Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP), capable of achieving continuous microbial reduction in the air and on surfaces.

By encompassing all areas of an enclosed space, DHP can reach the most important areas of a facility. The critical differentiator of DHP from other forms of hydrogen peroxide is that DHP can be safely delivered in occupied spaces.




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Eric Scholte CEO
Eric was hired as the CEO of Synexis in August of 2015. Since then, he has served on the Synexis Board of Directors since August of 2016. Prior to joining Synexis, Eric was Global Vice President of Sales at Idev Technologies (acquired by Abbott Labs). While at Idev, Eric was responsible for launching several new products in various worldwide markets, as well as hiring and managing the global sales team. Prior to Idev, Eric served as Director of US sales at Foxhollow Technologies, where he was directly responsible for hiring and managing the medical device business to over 150 million in annual US sales. Before joining Foxhollow, Eric held management positions with various successful medical device companies. Eric has bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University

James Lee Founder
Jim is the company founder and inventor of dry hydrogen peroxide gas technology. He is a West Point Graduate and was a field grade officer in the United States Army Chemical Corps throughout the latter days of the Cold War. During this time, James served in key command and staff positions. Jim has a master’s degree from the University of Virginia in chemical engineering and taught at West Point from 1993 to 1997, where he directed the academy’s largest academic course.  Upon leaving the United States Army, Jim became the leading chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear anti-terrorism consultant in the private sector. He was also a full-time consultant for AIG from 2005 to 2006.  Jim is a state-licensed professional chemical engineer.

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