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This Confidential Private Placement Memorandum (this “Memorandum”) relates to a private Offering of RCG Notes (the “Notes”) by Restaurant Capital Group, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, (the “Company), of a maximum of 10,000 RCG Notes at an Offering price of $1,000 per Note (the “Offering”) paying 12% interest, paid monthly after the first 60 days for a period up to 60 months. This Offering is in accordance with SEC Regulation D, Rule 506C.

If you have ever been interested investing in the exciting and profitable hospitality and restaurant industry and not incur the level of risk most entrepreneurs often experience.

The Investors/Noteholders will be Creditors (“Creditors”) of the Company.  Proceeds from the Notes contemplated in this Offering will be used to fund loans and for general corporate purposes, including the costs of this Offering.  Notes are not dependent upon any particular loan and remain at all times the general obligations of the Company. Final decisions on use of proceeds allocations will be made by management on a loan-by-loan basis.




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Restaurant Capital Group, LLC

RESTAURANT CAPITAL GROUP, LLC (the “Company”) is a California Limited Liability Company that provides business capital resources, financial structuring, business development and marketing and other consultation services to the boutique restaurant and hospitality sectors. It is the underlying mission of the Restaurant Capital Group to deliver a great and unique dining and drinking experience through a variety of locations. 

The Company provides an alternative path for investors and groups seeking to participate in these industries at a reduced risk. To learn more please visit our web site, The Company may provide capital in exchange for an equity position in strategic locations that meet our rigorous criterion. Please visit our division,, that provide capital resources to the restaurant and hospitality sectors.

The management team of Restaurant Capital Group, LLC is renowned for their ability to identify long-term opportunity and undervalued assets, to recognize and select great operators and managers, and remain aware of best practices and the latest trends. The growth of Restaurant Capital Group is dependent on a merger and acquisition strategy leveraging their 25 years of experience working from Wall Street to Main Street to target select small businesses with a great concept and the potential for success.


A privately held company specializing in the financing and development of boutique restaurants and hospitality locations nationwide seeking experienced entrepreneurs with unique concepts in current operations requiring growth funding, financial restructuring, marketing or other consultation services in exchange for equity and other consideration.

Offers funding using various financial techniques leveraging recent changes in the law provided by the 2012 JOBS Act including Reg-D 506B and 506C offerings, Reg-D 506A capital fundraising and Crowdfunding using a proprietary platform provided by Stock Offering Solutions.

We specialize in small restaurant and hospitality business financing recognizing that the pride and perks of ownership are a prime motivator in deriving equity financing with more favorable terms to current owners than many debt instruments and other harsh alternatives can provide.

With over 25 years in financing businesses, for small and not so small companies nationwide, the management team of Restaurant Capital Group has had multiple successes. With our endeavor that resulted recently a transaction valued at over $120MM stemming from an initial investment of just over $3MM, we are looking for you to tell us how your business can be our next success.



The team has years of experience in raising and managing financial capital and in developing restaurant and hospitality businesses. They know the role and impact a lender can have upon a business and believe their ability to mentor clients, provide positive solutions and best practices can make a real difference for a client in their selection of their next financial resource or partner. As a partner, Restaurant Capital Group is committed to results.

Restaurant Capital Group, LLC has created an online platform for investors interested in purchasing equity positions or needing equity to operate their profitable small restaurant or hospitality business. These businesses normally feature eclectic fare and drink while being unable to accumulate sufficient capital or expertise to grow their business.

It is the Company’s mission to keep the lending process transparent thus; there are never any hidden costs or other expenses charged by the Company for its loans. The process is online, simple, and very straightforward to keep to a minimum the impact to the borrower’s daily business operations or work schedule.